Our company

Norac Concepts Inc. manufactures and supplies a range of crop protection products to the Canadian agricultural market. Most of our products are made in Canada to meet the needs of Canadian growers.

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Our Team

With our team of experienced technical and sales support and regulatory and administrative professionals we work in harmony with our distribution partners to gain a fundamental understanding of the dynamic challenges faced in the markets we serve. Together we address these challenges to build a cooperative environment in which our company can grow.

High quality and services

We are committed to developing and selling crop protection that will help Canadian growers protect their crops. We specialize in:


Adjuvants and Surfactants

Norac Concepts markets AGRAL 90 and ENHANCE surfactants in selected markets. Agral 90 has the widest use label of any registered agricultural surfactant. We also market PRO-SURF II a non-ionic surfactant. Norac Concepts also markets SYLGARD OFX-0309 and DYNAMAX, both silicone based non-ionic surfactants for special uses.

Spray Assist Products

Spray assist products include products such as Clean-Out, Flat-Out Antifoamer/Defoamer, Indicator Blue WSP & Green Spray Marker Dyes, Accu-Spray Drift Control/Deposition Aid, On-Target, Oasis Pond Colourant, AquaSoft Water Conditioner, Tramline Foam Marking Agent among others